In The Waiting

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

If you follow along with us on Instagram, you probably know that our goat, Hazel is pregnant. Hazel and Dolly joined our farm about 6 weeks ago, and she was already pregnant when we took her home. The trouble is, we have no idea how far along she is. So with every day that passes, we're all holding our breath, desperate to see signs that labor is around the corner for her. If you're in to that kind of thing, some of the things we're looking for are:

1. Pawing at the ground, almost to make a nest for her babes

2. A crooked tail

3. Sunken sides with prominent hip bones, as if her belly is dropping. I noticed this in Hazel almost 2 weeks ago!

4. A tight udder full of milk

5. Loss of tail ligaments

There are a few others, but I'll spare you the details. She's a little slower moving around these days, and every time I check on her, I'm certain I'm going to find little baby goats nestled with their mama.

So what do we do in the waiting? We look for the physical signs that labor is on the way. But do we trust that her body is progressing toward birth in ways that we can't see? This sounds strikingly familiar to the circumstances in my own life. The times that all I see are my outward struggles, and forget that God is working behind the scenes. Do I trust that He's progressing toward fulfilled promises in ways that I can't yet see? How do I respond when my attention is focused on my circumstances and not on Him? I tend to worry. I have this illusion that I'm in control and somehow, my visual analysis of the situation will make it play out the way I hope for. As if my plan is better than His.

Let's talk about Abraham. This guy waited literally a lifetime for God's promise to be fulfilled and for his son Isaac to be born. Imagine all the times he must have looked at his situation and thought, "I'm too old for this to happen now. Has God forgotten about me?" Genesis 20:5 says Abraham was a hundred years old when his son Isaac was born to him. A hundred years old! Could you imagine?? But yet, how did Abraham respond in the waiting? He continued to trust God and be obedient to Him. When God's timing was perfect, He fulfilled His promise.

Did you catch that? When God's timing was perfect, He fulfilled His promise. The waiting is hard, guys. But how much sweeter is the gift when we've persevered? When Jeremy was discharged from the Marine Corps, we moved into my parent's basement with the intention of paying off debt and saving money, all while he went to college to earn a degree. We were on the five year plan to building a better life for our family. Our plan took six and a half years. Hear me. This was not ideal timing. We brought home two babies to that basement apartment. We had entry level jobs tempt us to deviate from our plan. We looked at new places to live that could have derailed our future. We persevered through the struggles and temptations, and when God's perfect timing finally arrived, Jeremy was offered a management level job paying more than we could have asked for or imagined. How different would our life be if we followed through with our own plan that only temporarily changed our situation? Let me tell you, that gift has only gotten sweeter as the years go by. To look back, and see where God's fingerprints have touched our lives along the way.

Are you in the waiting? Are you focused more on your circumstances than you are on Him? Friend, I want to encourage you to lean into His promises and rest in knowing that He sees your heart. We can walk in confidence when our faith is in God and not in ourselves. Trust in His plan and His timing. God's got this.


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